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Small Scrubber()S-40type  PVCEPP/Wet Process@

The visitor having a problem please try it for the gas exhaust disposal of a little acid / alkali / solvents by all means
ฆIt is with a chemical exhaust fan /circulation pump

œ little wind
œ compact
œ Low cost
œ High Performance
œ Mobile

Small ability group, a small scrubber (wet process / dry process) which are kind to the small scrubber clean series global environment I can move with a compact freely, and it is the scrubber of a new type.

I clean gas generated at every place and fix the labor circumstances and raise efficiency of the work

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Good environment, we think about air, water, green of the earth carefully and present whether there is it Look at the line of products nap which us's original technique to support with high safety and reliability glitters

The visitor of the consultation please inquire by an email an inquiry.
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New service
I prepared the test plane of scrubber with many demands from a visitor
New service

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Small scrubber S-40
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Small scrubber
Small Scrubber
   HEPA KH-10 Type
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Asbestos measures device
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Draft chamber PSD-type(PP)
Chemical fan
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