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An introduction of PVC / the PP duct product construction

     I perform duct production the construction with the product made in polypropylene
P.P ivory corner duct P.P ivory corner duct
P.P gray circle duct

Motor damper (Corrosion resistance product)

Model Duct diameter~Length
MD-200 200Ø×300L
MD-250 250Ø×350L
MD-300 300Ø×400L

Control monitor
Model MTC-120
Torque 120]
Power supply AC90V`AC240V
Consumption electricity 14W
Motor Condenser start inductor type synchronous Motor
Opening and shutting time Seven secondsi50Hzj
Motor protection thermistor type
Ambient temperature -20ºC`50ºC
I handle a PVC air damper.

Manual operation damper (Corrosion resistance product)

Model Duct diameter~Length
VD-150 150Ø×200L
VD-200 200Ø×250L
VD-250 250Ø×300L
VD-300 300Ø×350L
VD-350 350Ø×400L

Ball tap (Water supply valve)
Product made in@PVC
Corrosion resistance is distinguished.
This article is solid, and usability is distinguished, too.
Regulation of water level is free.
There is much flow quantity, and a flow is slow.
This can simplify installation, disassembly.

Fire prevention damper for scientific exhaust

Characteristic of PFD
Because a cover arrives in a synthetic resin tapetum around inside and outside money of a metal exhaust pipe body, P.F.D can prevent rust by exhaust of chemistry, corrosion.
Therefore, I operate and occlude in the case of a fire surely and I completely intercept the passage in a duct and prevent catching fire from next door, and it is the epoch-making thing which it can carry out for a long term by a duty of a non-fire prevention damper in common use surely.
Connection side with a chloroethylene duct adheres by the synthetic resin tapetum enforcement, and the surface can completely prevent leakage such as exhaust gas, medicinal solution seen in a conventional metal damper.
Even if a resin tapetum softens by light and heat so that it is molded a steel sheet, the main body can continue a function as a fire damper.
This protects duct and ind discharge machine executed the work earlier than a fire damper from transformation by heat or trouble.



This is volume when I was 1m away from a machine side.

I am connected directly with ducts such as exhaust fans, and sp silencer does a shut of the noise comprising exhaust sounds at a high rate.

Prices are different by size and specifications.

Good environment, we think about air, water, green of the earth carefully and present whether there is it Look at the line of products nap which us's original technique to support with high safety and reliability glitters

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New service
I prepared the test plane of scrubber with many demands from a visitor
New service

Handling product
Small scrubber S-40
Super Clean SK Series
   Wet type Dry type
   Combinatiou type
Small scrubber
Small Scrubber
   HEPA KH-10 Type
Scrubber (New)
Special Scrubber
High clean(New)
Asbestos measures device
Draft chamber SV-type (PVC)
Draft chamber PSD-type(PP)
Chemical fan
Deodorization density
Service maintenance

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