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About bad smell density

With the bad smell densi
When diluted an object bad smell with unscented air; a dilution multiple when I do not just smell it Ex: Bad smell density 1,000 ⇒When when diluted it with unscented air, just do a bad smell of the primary odor 1,000 times; the bad smell that disappears a smell for the first time
【A bad smell strength notation, an excellent unpleasantness degree notation】
⇒I display the degree of the smell of the smell
With the bad smell index
=10* value bad smell index log which did common logarithm value 10 times of the bad smell density(Bad smell density)
Ex: In the case of bad smell density 1,000 ⇒=10  bad smell index log 1000 =30
The law of the Weber young bird
The law that the size of the sense is in proportion to a logarithm of the stimulation strength

I mean that I am in proportion to quantity of material for a sense even if quantity of material increases in the domain where a graph lay, and strength did not change

I prepared the test plane of scrubber with many demands from a visitor
(1-25 small scrubber inverter control)

The visitor examined large-scale (quantity of many wind) scrubber introduction please use a test plane by all means
When I had you introduce our scrubber as a result of test, the test plane loan expense is free of charge
※ When it is not introduced a scrubber, it is a burden of the actual expenses (100,000 yen) degree
※ The gas measurement is extra expense

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Good environment, we think about air, water, green of the earth carefully and present whether there is it Look at the line of products nap which us's original technique to support with high safety and reliability glitters

The visitor of the consultation please inquire by an email an inquiry.
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I prepared the test plane of scrubber with many demands from a visitor
New service

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