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Introduction of a draft chamber
(S.V type)

  Draft chamber / Etching chamber (PVC, PP)

Draft chamber with scrubber (wet process)

Draft chamber with scrubber (dry process)

PVC model Dimensions Characteristic Quantity of wind
W D H Column of water Outlet Fluorescent lamp
S.V90 900×750×2000 1 2 1(20w) 15
S.V120 1200×750×2000 1 2 1(30w) 20
S.V-150 1500×750×2000 2 2 1(30w) 25
S.V-180 1800×750×2000 2 2 1(40w) 30
Please talk about specifications of a draft chamber,
a drawing depending on a use.


●Draft Chamber (SV type)PVC/PP - Order product

In three your factories (manufacturer), it produces it with the size (size) matched to the customer's demand. Space to which the laboratory and the installation location become vacant can be effectively used.
 ・It is possible to produce it additionally the size (width, depth, and height) in space to
   which the laboratory becomes empty.
 ・A large-scale, small draft chamber can be produced with the fair price (low cost).

The above-mentioned image (photograph) is a large-scale
size (with door two pieces).

Tornado hood

【A figure of tornado image
■Form explanation  BTA-S-U-1200
●Frontage dimensions 900:900mm

●Frontage height Umodel:435mm
●Main body materials P:Product made in hard chlorination vinyl
S:Product made in stainless steel (SUS304)
G:Product made in steel

  (It is finished with the medicine-resistant-related painting)
●Accessories BT:There are no accessories.
BTA:It is with an electric control panel.
BTB:It is with electric control panel and illumination
※A test bed of a lower stand is not included.

Good environment, we think about air, water, green of the earth carefully and present whether there is it Look at the line of products nap which us's original technique to support with high safety and reliability glitters

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I prepared the test plane of scrubber with many demands from a visitor
New service

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