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PCV/PP Duct Product

P.P ivory corner duct P.P ivory corner duct
P.P gray circle duct

       Motor damper  ‘ฯIป•i

Œ^Žฎ Duct diameter~Length
MD-200 200Ø×300L
MD-250 250Ø×350L
MD-300 300Ø×400L

œControl monitor
Model MTC-120
Torque 120‚‹‚‡]‚ƒ‚
Power supply AC90V`AC240V
Consumption electricity 14W
Motor Condenser start inductor type synchronous Motor
Opening and shutting time Seven secondsi50Hzj
Motor protection thermistor type
Ambient temperature -20ºC`50ºC
ฆI handle a PVC air damper.


Manual operation damper (Corrosion resistance product)
Œ^Žฎ Duct diameter~Length

VD-150 150Ø×200L
VD-200 200Ø×250L
VD-250 250Ø×300L
VD-300 300Ø×350L
VD-350 350Ø×400L

Ball tap (Water supply valve)
Product made in@PVC
œCorrosion resistance is distinguished.
œThis article is solid, and usability is distinguished, too.
œRegulation of water level is free.
œThere is much flow quantity, and a flow is slow.
œThis can simplify installation, disassembly.

œ Because a cover arrives in a synthetic resin tapetum around inside and outside money of a metal exhaust pipe body, P.F.D can prevent rust by exhaust of chemistry, corrosion.
œ Therefore, I operate and occlude in the case of a fire surely and I completely intercept the passage in a duct and prevent catching fire from next door, and it is the epoch-making thing which it can carry out for a long term by a duty of a non-fire prevention damper in common use surely.
œ Connection side with a chloroethylene duct adheres by the synthetic resin tapetum enforcement, and the surface can completely prevent leakage such as exhaust gas, medicinal solution seen in a conventional metal damper.
œ Even if a resin tapetum softens by light and heat so that it is molded a steel sheet, the main body can continue a function as a fire damper.
œ This protects duct and ‚—ind discharge machine executed the work earlier than a fire damper from transformation by heat or trouble.



This is volume when I was 1m away from a machine side.

I am connected directly with ducts such as exhaust fans, and sp silencer does a shut of the
noise comprising exhaust sounds at a high rate.

Prices are different by size and specifications.

The visitor of the consultation please inquire by an email an inquiry.
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New service

New service

Handling product
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Super Clean SK Series
Wet type Dry type
Combinatiou type
Small scrubber
Small Scrubber
   HEPA KH-10 Type
Special Scrubber
High clean(New)
Asbestos measures device
Draft chamber SV-type  (PVC)
Draft chamber PSD-type (PP)
Chemical fan
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